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Enrollment Assistant

The primary function of this position is to work closely with the Enrollment Coordinator to ensure that volunteers/children are appropriately enrolled and matched while executing a high degree of independent judgment when utilizing Big Brothers Big Sisters standards and practices.

Responsibilities: · Assist with volunteer enrollment, including: interviews, reference calls and completion of any other enrollment processes. · Assist with client enrollment including parent/child interviews, child safety education and enrollment processes. Assess and refer families for alternative or additional services as needed. · Ensure a high-level of proficiency and skill in applying child safety and risk management knowledge, policies and procedures throughout all aspects of job function. Identify child safety issues for volunteers, children and their families. · Assist with assessments and make recommendations for participation in the program based on this information. Assess and apply factors contributing to successful match. Effectively align volunteer interests and qualifications with service options of agency.

Need Type: Volunteer
Need continues until: 10/24/2018
Zip Code: 56303